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With Strading, it is much easier to earn with more than 150 investment vehicles

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The opportunity to invest in the fastest way from anywhere with the Metatrader trading platform

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Meet our expert and trained investment advisors in the Forex market

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StradingFX - Stock Trading LTD.


Thanks to StradingFX's 6 years of experience and reliable trading platforms, you can easily make your investments. You can use the experience it has gained with the expert support it has given to thousands of investors for 6 years in your investments.

Who We Are

StradingFX - Stock Trading LTD.

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We are on the mission to offer a unique investment experience to all our investors who want to invest in the Turkish Market, with a very rich service option provided by our international market experience.


We continue to grow with the experience we have gained day by day.

  • Licensed brokerage firm
  • 6 years of experience
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Certified investment professionals
  • Strong and technological infrastructure
  • and much more

more than 150

investment tool

You can invest in more than 150 investment instruments in Forex, CFD's and Commodity products with Strading advantages.

best trading platform

MetaTrader 4

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